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Cash for Cars

Do you have a junk car you wish to dispose of? Maybe make a quick buck on the side? You will love what we will say next! We at CaSh for CarS are a company offering cash for junk cars of all types! Located in Surprise, AZ, we are happy to serve you anywhere in the area of the city! Why let your junk car sit on your yard and collect dust when you can free up space and make some money out of the entire deal?

We are mobile and can come to collect the vehicle anywhere it is located in the area of the city! Other than making good cash for cars, you can also save from needless expenses in transporting the vehicle to us! Our able and committed team will be there at the specified time to collect the vehicle, and you will receive the money we have promised! Our word is our bond, and we keep it no matter what!

Regardless of the condition of the vehicle you are looking to dispose of may be, whether it runs or not, we will take it! We are always prepared to offer you a reasonable amount of cash for junk cars, and you can trust that we will always keep our word! We are happy to assist you with any heavy lifting, so turn to us!

When you find yourself looking to make a quick buck while freeing up space on your property, consider giving CaSh for CarS a chance! Our cash for cars junkyard is located in Surprise, AZ, but we are happy to assist you anywhere you need us in the area! You just need to call us to get more information regarding the way we handle our work, our rates, and more information regarding our company! Call (480) 646-0487 today!